Installing a SSB or HF radio with a good antenna is only half  the equation. How many times have you heard “the radio is only as good as it’s ground plane”. Installing a “Dynaplate” and calling it good does not make for optimum performance.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to find the proper spot to locate the ground. The antenna coupler should be close to the antenna bottom and the ground should be in the same vicinity. In this installation, the antenna and coupler are located under the helm. Everything is removed from the cabinets and the surfaces cleaned. Patterns are made and sheet copper is bonded to the surfaces using contact cement. A blob of solder is spaced every 8” on all seams to prevent loss of continuity in the future. The ground is extended to the engine room and tied into the surrounding metal liner, making for another excellent counterpoise.

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SSB/HF Radio Ground Plane